Kim J. Vermeulen

I am a British born artist-photographer, now based in the Netherlands.

My practice is emotive and reflective. I am motivated by experience, thought processes, and reactions to physical environment both real and imagined. I find the photography project an ideal medium for earnest representation of subject exploration where there is an inevitable blurring of subjectivity and objectivity, experience and experiment, documentary and aesthetic.

I value the Art of the Project, where I can work within a framework that is essentially also limitless; I undertook my master’s degree with this in mind. I hold a Master’s Degree in Photography from the University of Central Lancashire. I also have a BA with honours in Photography from Blackpool. 

I have exhibited works across the UK since 2006, including being selected for The Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition 157.

Works include, ‘Toxic Paradise’, a work addressing the difficult task of visually representing psychological abuse. ‘iamBreastfeeding’, was a participatory project spanning 2 years with 57 mothers, considering contemporary constructed ideas of motherhood. ‘The Red Balloon,’ is a project made together with her eldest daughter about her chronic kidney disease. ‘Lockdown – Nature’s Calling’, which is reflecting on how many people turned to nature during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Exhibitions & Competition Awards

2019: Milieu, Kulturhus, Epe, The Netherlands.

2016: iamBreastfeeding, The Solaris Center, Blackpool, UK

2015: The Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition 158, Shortlisted

2015: Nutrition and Nurture in Infancy and Childhood: Bio-Cultural Perspectives, Grange Hotel, UK

2014 – 2015 : The Royal Photographic Society the International Print Exhibition 157, the Berkeley Gallery, the Greenwich Heritage Center, London, UK – Followed by UK Tour

2014: MA Photography (Alumni), Nexus Art Cafe, Manchester, UK

2014: Chinese Lives in Lancashire: A Photographic Perspective, Museum of Lancashire, UK – Followed by Lancashire Tour.

2013: Nutrition and Nurture in Infancy and Childhood: Bio-Cultural Perspectives, Grange Hotel, UK

2013: Reflections, Cube Gallery, Manchester, UK

2013: Hugo & The Tarot of Dianic Initiation, Samlesbury Hall, Preston, UK

2012: Boundaries: Photographic Conversations with the Global, Cube Gallery, Manchester, UK

2011: Photographer of the Year 2011, Action & Movement Shortlist, UK

2010: Around the World in 80 days, Old Truman Brewery, London, UK

2007: 30 Pictures of Joe, Village Underground, London, UK

2006: Blackpool, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool, UK and First Prize Competition Winner


Horse, Dog & Cat slave
Cappuccino with lots of sugar
English tea, milk, no sugar 
Jane Austin & Bronte Sisters
Hopeless romantic 
The sound of the ocean (like back home) 

The Celts
Knights & Castles 
Kendo (a Japanese martial art – I represented the UK) 

Boycott Nestle
Eat Organic
Seasonal food
Stay free

Earth will survive, we may not.

© 2018 Kim J. Vermeulen

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